Let’s Make our City More Green

6Imagine yourself to wake up every morning, stare at the balcony and see green everywhere…  To open the balcony door and aromas of nature that you are deprived of because of the city life, to come to your nose.  To be able to cut a tomato from the pot and taste it without worrying about what you eat.  To simply reach out and have your own fresh parsley that’s missing for cooking.  Think about it for a moment…

Message-JuneCity life indeed deprives us of the close contact with nature.  Gray apartments with empty balconies that many times end up becoming storage spaces, is the most common picture one can see.  However, with care and appetite, the balcony of our house can be transformed into the most beautiful and relaxing place! With low cost, we can even make our own kitchen garden, if only we take the decision to do so!

8Creating a small garden on our balcony is something that everyone can achieve, without considerable effort and money.  What is primarily needed is proper plant selection, depending on the climatic conditions of the place where we live.  For our Mediterranean climate, evergreen broadleaf plants are the ideal choice because they remain green throughout the year, they do not freeze in winter, while in summer they do not need often watering (they can “survive” for up to 10 or more days without water).

Some such plants and trees are olive, laurel, the arbutus, myrtle, angelica, the mimosa, oleander, rosemary, etc.  You can consult experts in nurseries from where you will do your shopping, to get the plants or trees that meet your requirements and are suitable for the provided space.

Apart from ornamental plants and trees, you can cultivate and vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, as well as herbs such as spearmint, basil, peppermint, etc.  Thus, you will have some food in your kitchen that is guaranteed pure.  For more flavor and aroma, it is worth to look for traditional seeds (the villagers have their own stocks).

What can a green balcony offer us apart from its beauty?

Besides the greenery or the fruits, a green balcony has many and varied benefits to offer us:

  • 2It improves our mood.   Plants are living organisms that grow, bloom, bear fruit, change colors.  This constant change of scenery on our balcony is beneficial for our psychology.
  • Dealing with the care of our plants (as it happens with pets) combats depression.
  • It meliorates the quality of the air we breathe.  We receive more oxygen, while our plants absorb airborne particles, dust and dirt.
  • It reduces the noise entering through doors and windows.
  • 5In the summer we have shade and coolness.
  • Making a natural fence, we are protected against unwanted glances.  Its advantage over a tent is that it allows aeration of the balcony.
  • In addition, the green that every citizen offers to himself is as well an offer to his city.  The buildings beautify, the air we breathe is cleaner, the climate is generally improving.

woman on couchIn your own little green paradise, especially now that the weather is warm, you will enjoy the resting hours, read a book, welcome your friends, deal with gardening…  And who knows?  Next to your own paradise, it may spring another and another one across…  How much more beautiful would become our neighborhood, our life!

Change your daily routine by placing green in your life …it’s good for you!

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