Ideales Proud Sponsor of Global Wellness Day

1For the 2nd consecutive year a big party will be set up around the world, on Saturday June 11.  A festival dedicated to well-being, namely to the quality of life which determines our health, our outside appearance and of course, our mood, because when we are healthy and feel good with ourselves, our mood can only be high up!

10Global Wellness Day is a social project inspired by people-volunteers who want to get us in touch with the world of wellness.  The purpose of this day is to ask ourselves, even for only one day “How can I live a healthier and better life?” and to be informed about the ways that can improve our demanding and usually exhausting everyday life.  Not only for one day, but every day!

2This year, more than 83 countries from the five continents of Earth will be coordinated in order to participate in this big global celebration, with the slogan:  “One day can change your whole life!”.  More than 3.000 hotels and locations around the world will hold events that will introduce us to the secrets of well-being and wellness.  The events will begin with the sunrise in the distant New Zealand and will be completed by the sunset in the exotic Hawaii!

Greece will actively participate in this global celebration with the city of Athens and more specifically, the magnificent Thissio, to be the epicenter, from 12 noon to 7 pm.

7Ideales could not be absent from such a celebration as it represents a way of life, full of health, with too much fun, total relaxation and pleasure that makes everyone’s routine enjoyable!

As proud sponsors of the Global Wellness Day Greece as well as ambassadors of the Ideales life, we will be there not only to celebrate this day, but also to initiate you in our Ideales lifestyle, where you will discover the source of relaxation, youth and health!

5All the events that will take place are for free and open to anyone interested! The program will include:

  • Presentation of new Fitness programs with public participation, by leading trainers and gyms.
  • Body fat measurements, individual tests and customized dietary advice to visitors from members of the Dieticians Nutritionists Association of Greece.
  • 15Wellness Coaching lecture for the rules of well-being in everyday life.
  • Free massage and reflexology by experienced teachers-physiotherapists of the NHS.
  • Beauty treatments and makeup offered by specialized companies.
  • Dance theater & Fitness dance programs by leading instructors.

6This festival will be supported by many “famous” Ambassadors of Global Wellness Day Greece, who will share with us small and big secrets for a better life.  And since it is a day of celebration, music, fireworks, gifts and many other surprises from the organizers and sponsors could not be absent!

So, we wait for you all, this Saturday in Thissio, in a celebration that will change your life.  In a celebration that …is good for you!

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