Another Distinction for Ideales’ Green Practices

2018 as well continues very dynamically for Ideales Group, as it brings a new honorary distinction.  Ideales was once again awarded for its eco-orientation and green practices in products and services, this time with the distinction “Eco Friendly Franchise”, which highlights Franchise’s best environmental management practices within the framework of the Franchise Awards 2018 institution.  It is the 4th time Ideales is distinguished in the Franchise Awards, having already been distinguished twice as Best Franchise WorkPlace and once as Best Franchise Leader.

Mr. Nikos Chrysochoidis of the Supply Management received the prize by Mr. K. Makos, CEO of MAKOS company.

This year’s 10th consecutive edition of Franchise Awards was held on January 31st by the Franchise Business Magazine under the auspices of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship and the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, in a beautiful and warm ceremony, hosted by the Palmie Bistro in Kefalari.

In spite of the times, Ideales insists on offering affordable but always quality and ecological products of pleasure and health, adopting the development and implementation of good innovative practices and advanced eco-friendly technologies, with proofs:



Ideales is the only swimming pool and spa company worldwide that has earned significant distinctions for the ecological profile of its products as well as for its commitment to sustainable development.

Its continuous awards at all levels by esteemed institutions both in Greece and abroad, send a strong message of optimism and ongoing development and enhance its continuous growth.

Thanks to its extensive Customer Care Network with its fully qualified People, Ideales leads the way, offering its Customers the best products at the most competitive prices, always with respect to the environment and society.

We make our world greener for a better tomorrowTODAY!

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