How Many Baskets Did you “Score” Today?

“Cleanliness is culture” says an old proverb, however not everyone shares this view, especially regarding public places such as streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, etc.

The phenomenon of trash discarded outside bins is a sight that no longer “bothers” the eye, as it is something which we are used to come across in our daily lives.

Of course, trash does not fall from the sky, but from some hands…  Pedestrians who eat a snack or drink a soda or water, when they finish it, they feel an irrepressible need to immediately lighten their hand from the “heavy weight” of the empty packaging.

A flower bed or a flower box often take on the role of a trash can or if there aren’t any, then the road is the next option.  Many drivers hold a similar attitude.  Is something finished?  They open their car’s window and get rid of the unwanted “load” with ease.

Another phenomenon that pollutes our neighborhoods is the garbage bags that are left outside the trash bins or into bins with open lids…  The result?  Hungry animals will tear them apart in search of food, spreading the bags’ content on the road, which will then disperse in different directions, with the help of the wind or rain water.

And yet it is so simple not to spoil our environment with trash…  Trash bins are out there, but they cannot be at every single step we make.  Keeping in hand what we want to throw away or putting it in our pocket or if we are in the car, setting it aside, the right time will come to put the trash where it belongs.  However small it may be.

The only thing for certain is that no trash has any place in the environment, as it does not only spoil it but it also pollute it, cause the problem is not only aesthetic but also environmental.

Moreover, some neglected roads in neighborhoods could change image, with individual initiative and caring.  A broom, a dustpan and just a few minutes of personal time and effort, will result a clean road and a neat sidewalk that someone will enjoy seeing and walking.

And it is certain that one man’s example will be followed by others, because what is clean is beautiful as well, no matter what!

So if we care about public cleanliness, we will live in a decent and beautiful environment, just like our house. It’s up to all of us!

Put the trash where it belongs …it’s good for you!

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