How Life Rolls Better on Two Wheels

3Some people may give you a hard time, but riding a bike gives you a really good time!  The first is totally unpleasant and undesirable, while the second is rightly very desirable, since riding a bike has so many good things to offer us!


In Greece, the bike as a means of transport, is not as widespread as abroad. And how could it be, when there is no adequate infrastructure…  Many European countries, however, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and others, have incorporated it into daily life, offering another quality of life to their citizens.

6And the bike can truly change our life to the very best, if we put it in our life on a regular basis. Prepare to be amazed by the multiple benefits of cycling that we quote you below, even under the adverse conditions that prevail in our country…

So, with a bike:

  • We can lose weight and improve our physical condition, just by making our ride!
  • Measuring tape around slim beautiful waist.We exercise our whole body.
  • Especially for women, we can reduce cellulite and prevent the occurrence of spider veins.
  • We reduce blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels.
  • We help in proper functioning of the brain, which enhances thinking, learning, memory and judgment.
  • Increased blood circulation caused by the action of cycling, delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells of our skin more quickly and efficiently, while at the same time it expels the harmful toxins. Also, the more bike we do, the more we enhance collagen production, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and accelerates the healing process.
  • We reinforce and strengthen our immune system.
  • We have less stress and much better mood!

 2Moreover, the bike can:

  •  Eliminate the leg cramps.
  • Help treat sciatica or lumbago.
  • Halve the risk of heart disease.
  • Combat insomnia which tortures thousands of people

In the practical aspect, with a bike we do not get stuck in traffic or are concerned of running out of fuel, we have no trouble in finding a parking place, and of course we save money.

4Furthermore, by leaving our car or motorbike behind so as to take the bike, we protect the environment, as we do not add any polluting gases into the atmosphere.

As for the feelings of joy and freedom that the bike offers us, especially when we are in a park or in the countryside, the words are not enough to describe them…

12With so many benefits for our health, the environment and our pocket, bike should be the No. 1 means of transport in our everyday life. Always provided that we take the appropriate individual protective measures concerning our move with the bike, either day or night and of course respect the road rules, so as for the bike to offer us only joy and health!

Give bike a place in your life …it’s good for you!

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