Fashion Needs Recycling

Every year in Europe, some 5,8 million tons of clothing are thrown away in the garbage, as only a small part of this clothing is recycled.

The benefits of recycling our clothes are not at all negligible, as we reduce the volume of our waste, the emission of greenhouse gases and we save natural resources.

In addition, by donating our clothes to institutions, charities and wherever there is a need, we are greatly helping our fellow men and children.

 Alternatively, an internet search offers many interesting and useful ideas on how to reuse our clothes. 

Few years ago, an attempt has started by some greek municipalities and private companies to reuse clothes and shoes that otherwise would end up in landfills, for the benefit of society and the environment.

It is up to everyone and in the interest of all of us for this attempt to expand and succeed, so whenever it’s time to clean out your closet… 

Donate your clothing where needed …it’s good for you!

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