Easter in Kefalonia

eggs-easter-colorful-sweetEaster is the biggest Christian Orthodox celebration and in Kefalonia it is celebrates with honors and customs equal to the lovely Kefalonian spirit. It is also said that Easter in Kefalonia is just magical! Let’s find out why…

easter-light-hand1The customs of Easter, just like in any Greek area, are faithfully preserved and maintained. However, in Kefalonia, the light hearted Kefalonian spirit shows through to the celebrations. The preparations for the Holy Week start on Palm Sunday. On that day, the churches are decorated with palm leaves that signify the victory over death, and small crosses are made out of palm leaves that are called “Vagia”. On those crosses women tie small olive tree branches that signify peace, rosemary, bay leaves that signify victory, sage as a symbol of salvation and pretty purple lilies.

On Holy Tuesday, at the holy metropolitan temple in Argostoli, the men’s choir of the island is called to sing the psalm of Kassiani. The sound and sight of that touching hymn being sang by the melodic voices of the choir men, not only marks the start of the Holy Week for Kefalonians and visitors alike, but sets a unique mood.

pasxa-elatoxwriOn Holy Thursday, the women of Kefalonia bake the Easter Bread, a kind of soft delicious bread. On that day, at noon the dye the red eggs of Easter after having boiled them in a special seaweed found at the market of Argostoli before Easter. In the afternoon the 12 Gospels are sang and the churches of Archangelos, Aghios Spiridon and the Metropolis are packed full of people attending one of the most important moments of the Holy week.

Holy Friday is a day of deep sorrow and mourning. The night before, women and girls decorate the Epitaph with flowers and sprinkle it with perfume. At night the Epitaph is carried around the town streets within lit candles and chanting but the highlight comes when the Epitaphs meet at the central square of Argostoli. The sight is simply magical.

VILLA (15)On Holy Saturday, at the time of the Resurrection, the island is shaken by the sound of the fireworks. The sight is spectacular and the Argostoli square is the center from where the celebrations begin in order to mark the Resurrection of Christ. In fact, after all the celebrations, the town is covered in a dense cloud of smoke from the fireworks that accompany the people home where they will sit at the Easter table.

The Holy Friday is celebrated with roasted lamb, crashing red eggs and a festive mood that lasts until late at night. The following week in Kefalonia is called the New week to mark the new beginning after the Lord’s resurrection. Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful island in Greece and, at Easter, it gets dressed in its finest and invites its guests to have a unique taste of Greece. So Easter in Kefalonia is an experienced that should not be missed!

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