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2Volunteering means solidarity and selfless giving.  In modern times volunteering has been established as the institution, which contributes to the confrontation of social, economic and environmental problems.

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The Global Youth Service Day was established in 1988 by Youth Service America (YSA) and every year in April it is celebrated with events in more than 100 countries.  This day aims at mobilizing children and youth from 5 to 25 years in providing social work through voluntary work.

Team Of Volunteers Picking Up Litter In Suburban StreetEvery year, on the occasion of the Global Youth Service Day – GYSD, millions of children and young people around the world work together with schools, youth groups, NGOs, local associations and institutions, government agencies and services in order to cope with critical social and environmental issues and thus give a hand for a better world.

1Through volunteering, children and young people cease to be inert and apathetic to social and environmental problems, learn to care about what happens around them and thus become sensitized and active members of society.

The NGO Elix has undertaken the organization of the Global Youth Service Day in Greece.  A major activity of Elix is sending volunteers to voluntary actions throughout the world, which receives great response from our young people.

vApart from the moral satisfaction of volunteering, young volunteers satisfy their thirst for travelling to various countries of the world, making new friends, getting to know the culture of other people and of course having good company and fun.  Moreover, they improve their knowledge of foreign languages, come in touch with areas and professions that may be of interest to them for their own careers, enhance their curriculum vitae, broaden their horizons.

Elix organizes national and international voluntary actions (workcamps) which are divided into three basic categories:

ΕΘΕΛΟΝΤΕΣ– Voluntary actions in Greece.  They only last few days and have free participation.

– Voluntary actions (workCamps) in Greece and throughout the world, with duration from 15 days up to one whole year.

– European Voluntary Service (EVS).  It takes place mainly in European countries, but also in the rest of the world and lasts from 2 to 12 months.

3Volunteering is a way of life that molds characters and transmits precious values to people of all ages, even more to children and young people, the citizens of tomorrow.

Become active members of society with your selfless giving …it’s good for you!

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