Accelerator to Green, Brake to Waste

ΕEconomy, cuts, savings, are nowadays keywords that have entered for good in our vocabulary.  Each one of us is trying to reduce his expenses in any possible way, so as to come up with daily obligations.  The car is an indispensable tool but has a great cost to the family budget.  This cost, in terms of fuel consumption, can be significantly reduced by some simple actions and choices that in english are summarized in the word ecodriving.


So, in order to be you too one of the modern ecodrivers, who apart from saving resources, are promoting road safety, as well as environmental awareness, follow these steps:

Accelerator – Brake

Abrupt accelerations, last minute’s brakings and generally aggressive and nervous driving increase fuel consumption up to 35% and also, wear out the brakes, tires and other accessories at a much faster pace.


The faster you move, the greater the wind resistance for your car, resulting in higher fuel consumption.  A small speed difference of 12 km/h can affect fuel economy up to 23%!  In addition, driving with an open window reduces the speed of the vehicle and this fact usually makes you to press the accelerator more and therefore consume extra fuel.  In any case, prefer to drive at a steady speed.

Tyre check

Check tyre pressure at least once a month.  Correct tire pressure improves fuel economy and road safety.  Pressure below 25% means about 2% more fuel.  

Use of air conditioning

ΓMinimize the use of air conditioning because it’s an extra burden for your engine and increases fuel consumption up to 8%.  Prefer the internal ventilation of the car.  Air conditioning should only be used when necessary and not set below 23o C.

Extra weight

For every 45 extra kilos carried, fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%. Also, each extra equipment that you place on your vehicle (airfoils, large antennas, etc.) causes an increase in aerodynamic drag and thereby increases fuel consumption by up to 5% extra.  A clearing in the trunk is a good start…

Good car service & maintenance

It is the alpha and omega, either we talk about fuel economy or performance.  A badly maintained vehicle can have up to 50% higher fuel consumption compared to the factory data and of course it is unreliable and dangerous.

Details make the difference

  • ΔMake sure the fuel cap is well screwed after each filling. Thus, you will avoid the evaporation of fuel and your money…
  • The combination of routes – e.g. shopping and transport of children in extracurricular activities – is a simple way to save fuel. Also carpooling is a very advantageous way for people to move when they have a common destination, such as their workplace.
  • Replacing a plugged air filter in your car’s engine can improve fuel economy up to 10%.  Changing worn spark plugs reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.  Generally, a dirty engine increases fuel consumption.
  • Avoiding peak hours, except that you will spend less time stuck in traffic and thus stay calm, you consume less fuel.
  • Switch-off the engine at short stops (more than 1 minute).
  • Put fuel in the morning hours (especially on hot days) so as to get as much fuel as you pay and not less.

Walk more

ΑYou will be surprised just discovering how many of the places that you often go are within a ten-minute walking distance.  By walking more we not only save money, but we also do good in our heart, as even this low-intensity exercise is beneficial.

The saving rate may not impress at first, but in the long term there is a significant positive effect both for consumption and as to the maintenance of our vehicle and therefore as to our safety on the roads.  In addition, we protect the environment and therefore our health, as we reduce the pollutants emitted by our cars.

Reduce cost and air pollution by changing driving behavior …it’s good for you!

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