18 Ways to Fix your Mood

BE HAPPYWe all have our ups and downs.  Sometimes we are full of vitality and energy and sometimes our mood simply does not exist.  So, what can we do to fix our mood in no time?

We have numerous proposals and you will definitely find some suitable for you, that can cheer you up and bring back the smile on your lips.

  • PISCINES-IDEALESSwim in your Piscines Ideales (or in the sea)!  What else could be first in our list, he he.  Take a dive, cool off.  Swim fast, swim slow.  There is no better remedy than our favorite Water!
  • Watch a funny movie, even one you have already watched and liked it.  The funny atmosphere will make you laugh and forget everything.
  • Confide to a relative or an intimate person/friend who can understand you, how you feel and what troubles you.  If you externalize your problem, you will get relieved and that alone will make a difference.
  • Get some exercise.  Take a ride with your bike, go for jogging, play a team sport.   Exercise releases endorphins in our body, thus significantly improves our mood and energy.
  • Eat a good meal.  Smell your food, chew slowly and savor every bite.  And as old people say, we must always be grateful for the food on our table, because millions of people suffer every day from hunger.
  • IDEALES-SPASoak in the warm embrace of an Ideales Spa and relax with the numerous benefits that Hydrotherapy offers you.  Half an hour is enough to cast off the burdens of the day.
  • Paint.  Express your feelings with designs and colors.  A very creative and pleasant way to release tension.
  • Get away from the routine.  Do something out of the ordinary, such as to go out with a good old friend, visit a museum, offer a surprise meal to someone you love, make an excursion, etc.
  • Reminisce on pleasant memories.  Leave aside the bad moments and bring to the fore all good things that have happened in your life, because life (with its setbacks) is beautiful!
  • DANCEListen to music.  And when we say music, we do not mean sad tunes and songs, but cheerful and lively music.  Sing and dance, because we only live once, so if we are not having fun, what’s the point of living?
  • Go back to photos of your childhood, which are a source of pleasant memories.  They will make you smile for sure…
  • Take a hot shower.  You’ll be surprised of how much beneficially it will impact your mood!
  • Get out of the house.  The fresh air will revive you. Go for a walk with a friend or even by yourself. Watch a movie, go window shopping, do whatever pleases you.  If you stay indoors, you simply deteriorate the situation.
  • Smile.  At first, it may be difficult for you, but if for example you reminisce of a funny situation, this can most probably change your facial expression.
  • Relax by reading a novel.  Some books travel us to places we have never been and to stories that we would like to live.  Even better, feel again like a child …by reading comics!!
  • Make positive thoughts.  Feel grateful for what you have, even for the simplest things, such as your family, friends or your health.  Remember that nothing is a given in life.
  • Write a list of 50 things that make you happy.  Do not think that it is childish or silly to do something like that, just do it.  In every difficult moment, you can go back to your list and find the suitable remedy!
  • Go to sleep.  A nice, deep and long sleep will calm and relax you.  Before falling asleep, however, completely clean your mind of everything nasty and focus on pleasant thoughts and situations.  Thus, it is most probable that the dawn will find you with a smile on your face and optimistic for the new day.

jump-for-joyA wise saying says: “Do not worry about something that can change and do not worry about something that cannot change”.

And last and most important: KEEP ON TRYING AND NEVER GIVE UP.  The best days are ahead of us 🙂

Leave behind negative emotions and focus on the positives …it’s good for you!

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