Jan 23

Cool Swimming Pool Designs for Every Taste

How innovative or bizarre may a pool design be?  There are the classical rectangular pools, the oval or kidney-shaped, and other with irregular shape and dimensions.  However, there are also those pools that stand out at first glance, because their shape is the result of their owners inspiration, who gave liquid form to beloved animate or inanimate things. Read More »

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Dec 15

Ideales Group on Constant Rise

The 100% greek Ideales Group continues its constant rising, showing impressive financial results this year.  Despite the unfavorable economic climate, all three companies of the Group (Piscines Ideales, Ideales Constructions and Ideales Resort) recorded remarkably improved financial results. Read More »

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Dec 01

Every Person is Special, We Are All Equal

5What did Ludwig van Beethoven, Helen Keller, Frida Kahlo and Ray Charles had in common?  All of them excelled in their field and became famous despite their serious disabilities that made their everyday life difficult, but did not deny them their right to expression and creation.  Similar examples derive from the sports field where thousands of people with disabilities devote themselves successfully on their physical and mental exercise, managing many times to excel to racing level with remarkable performance. Read More »

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Nov 01

Some Gifts Are for a Lifetime

8November 1st is established by the National Transplant Organization of Greece (E.O.M.) as a National Day of Organ Donation, to remind us how invaluable and irreplaceable for severely ill people is the act of organ donation, as transplantation is the unique medical solution for patients at the final stage of heart, kidney, liver and lung failure. Read More »

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Aug 10

Hilarious and Incredibles Ways to Cool Down

Summer backgroundOutside the temperature is 33o C and we are feeling really hot… We look by any means for ways to cool down… with some cold water at the nape and face, a garden hose and anything else that’s cool around us. The most bold of us splash about in some fountain, because we have had enough of singing in the bathroom and the sea is far away. Read More »

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