Swimming Makes Children Smarter

Every parent wants the best for his children.  Every parent wants to provide his children with all those skills that will be needed, so as to cope with the demands of life.

BABYSwimming is proven to be a pleasant way to reinforce the spiritual and physical development of our child. According to a recent Australian study, children who take swimming lessons at an early age, develop mentally much earlier than their non-swimming peers.  Therefore, they perform better in their courses and generally in whatever they do.

The research was conducted over the course of three years to validate or refute the popular belief in the aquatics industry that young, competent swimmers appear to be more confident, articulate and intellectual.

In the first international study of its kind, researchers at Australia’s Griffith University surveyed the parents of nearly 7,000 learning swimmers under the age of 5, to determine when their kids were reaching major physical, cognitive and emotional milestones.

That information was compared against common developmental indicators (counting, walking, talking, playing make-believe and the like) of non-swimming populations.

Knowing that parents have a tendency to exaggerate, researchers put nearly 200 children through a series of tests to validate the results.

The study yielded some surprising findings:

Not only did child swimmers achieve physical feats faster, but they were months, even years, ahead intellectually.  They were able to read, write and count better than those without aquatics education.

Indicatively, one test group, with an average age of 3, was ahead of the curve by more than 15 months in understanding directions.  Kids just over the age of 4 were particularly strong in language (10 months ahead), oral expression (11 months) and math (6.5 months).

The researchers concluded that children who start early swimming, acquire such skills that will help them have a smoother transition and adjustment to school and learning and so they advise parents to encourage their children to start swimming as early as they can.

BABY 1Our own experience says that if there is a Piscines Ideales or an Ideales Swim Spa for practice at home, the results will be better and better, for kids and adults!

Be an early swimmer …it’s good for you!

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