Our Earth is fragile and unique

We often harm our planet, without even realizing it.  By taking some simple actions, we contribute to the protection of the environment, while saving money.  Let’s protect our precious Earth!

Saving power :
-> We purge the radiators regularly, we don’t’ cover them and we adjust the thermostat to as much low temperature as we can stand.  Give it a try, by lowering the temperature by 1°C every 5-6 days. You will probably be surprised at how much low temperatures you could eventually stand 🙂
-> We use energy saving bulbs and we turn the lights off whenever we don’t need them.
We turn off all devices (not on standby mode).
-> If a device breaks down, we buy a new one of the highest possible energy efficiency class.
-> We fill up the washing machine and the dishwasher before we turn them on, and we use the energy-saving programs.
-> We place the refrigerator away from windows or radiators and we set properly the thermostats.
-> We never forget the electric water heater turned on, we set its temperature at 60°C which is more than enough (!) and of course, we prefer a solar water heater.
-> We adequately insulate doors, windows and cracks.  Thus, heating or cooling can easily be kept at the desired levels.
-> Regarding the air conditioner, we clean its filter annually, we use it only in case of a heat wave and do not operate it at full speed or below 24oC.  In any case, we prefer using a fan than the air condition.

Saving water :
-> We turn off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving, washing dishes, etc.
-> We immediately repair any leaks (in taps, flushes, etc.)
-> We prefer a short shower than a daily bath.
-> We install a dual flush (with low & high flow), or put in the well known brick.
-> We choose non-water consuming plants and we water them only early in the morning or late in the evening with a pot.
-> We wash our car with a bucket & a sponge …which can be fun!

Saving natural resources :
-> Wherever we are (at home, at work, at school), we keep recycling anything recyclable.
-> We choose products with minimal packaging materials and packaging from recycled or recyclable materials.
-> We choose recycled paper and we use both sides.

Helping reduce air pollution :
-> For short distances we choose to walk or use our bicycle 🙂
-> We use public transportation and/or car pooling with neighbors and colleagues who live nearby.
-> We regularly maintain our car or motor bike, to “consume” less.
-> We drive smoothly, without sudden acceleration and braking.

All these actions are just a few of those we should do in order to save money, but mostly to protect our neighborhood and our planet.

We take care of our Earth … it’s good for us!

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