3 Superpowers We didn’t Κnow We had

When we talk about superpowers unfortunately, we don’t mean powers that seem straight out of a comic book or not exactly. The superpowers that we all have to some extent, are abilities of the brain that we do not have to utilise in our every day lives. For that and other reasons, our brain hides them from us only to present them when we really need them. Let’s find out what those superpowers are.

Echolocation is basically the ability to see using our ears. The sound of our steps, our voice or any other sound bounces off objects and its echo comes back to our ears. Well, as it happens, our brain has the ability to translate that echo in much the same way as a sonar does. A great example of a person that has become an expert in seeing using his ears is Ben Underwood. At a very young age, Ben lost his eyesight but learned to navigate using echolocation and even do extreme sports or play video games.
But why can’t we do it all the time?

Ben managed to develop the use of echolocation to such extent because he was missing one very important thing: his eyesight. Anyone who doesn’t have that problem has not had to train their brain in order to use echolocation and so the brain chooses the easy way. If however, we decide to train ourselves we can all become experts in echolocation since it is a natural ability that our brain has.

Enormous Strength
We’ve all heard the story about a mother that, seeing her child pinned underneath a car, managed to lift it using her bare hands. It’s not a myth you know. On the one hand, the woman is called Angela Cavallo and on the other, yes, we all have extraordinary strength indeed.
But why don’t we have it all the time?

We cannot lift an entire car on demand because our body is not built to use such strength often. In order to find such immense supply of strength, our body needs to shut down other functions. That is why our enormous strength cannot last but a few seconds and only when our brain chooses it.

Amazing Pain Threshold
The feeling of pain is something that we experience daily. But, just as we feel pain we also have the ability to totally block it from bothering us. This is achieved with the help of endorphins in our body that act as “nature’s painkiller”. In situations of extreme need, our body can produce such amounts of endorphins that we can stop feeling pain completely. In fact, there are examples of people that, while they were seriously injured, managed to move, function and seek help without feeling any pain whatsoever.
But why can’t we do it whenever we want?

Unfortunately, pain is an essential part of our life because it is the way by which our body tells us that something is wrong. The absence of pain leaves us vulnerable to external factors, rendering us unable to determine whether something is harmful.

So, you do have superpowers, even though your brain reveals them only when …it’s good for you!

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