What Plants to Choose for the Surrounding Area of your Swimming Pool

OUTDOORS PLANTSA well maintained and cared for garden can complement perfectly a swimming pool and make your space look tropical!  But what plants should you choose in order to have the desired effect without troubles? Read on to find out…

PARADISEThe surrounding area of your swimming pool is directly linked to it, not just aesthetically but functionally as well. As we have explained in the past, anything that can contaminate the surrounding area of your swimming pool will contaminate its water as well: refer to the relevant article. So, while choosing which plants to put in your garden around the pool you should consider their functionality along with their beauty.

EXOTIC FLOWERS FOR YOUR POOLThe plants you choose for the surrounding area of your pool should firstly be plants that do not shed their leaves or blossoms in order to keep the water clean. Additionally, if you choose plants that blossom you should ask your gardener whether the flowers of your choice attract insects or mosquitoes that could be an inconvenience to you and your family. Latsly, trees and large bushes should be placed strategically so that you can use their shade to create cool corners in the summer.

So, what are your best choices? We have prepared 6 suggestions, three for plants without flowers and three without, so you can choose one or all of them and help your garden become a tropical paradise.

Plants without flowers

  1. WHAT TO PLANT AROUND THE POOLBanana Tree. Nothing is more tropical and surprisingly sturdy than a banana tree. It only needs a little bit of attention and a climate without frost in the winter. Other than that it is an amazing plant with a very tropical feel to it.
  2. Crassula Ovata. The name may indeed sound strange, but you will immediately recognize this plant when you see it. It has very lush, succulent leaves and it is very resilient. In fact, it does not shed its leaves so you can place it as close to your swimming pool as you like in a nice flowering pot.
  3. Schefflera. Another seemingly unknown plant that is actually very common and familiar to us. Scheffleras are a popular choice for any garden due to their resilience, durability and their tropical look.

Plants with flowers

  1. SONY DSCHibiscus. It is a tree that produces amazing, tropical white or red flowers and it is very resilient to adverse weather conditions.
  2. Geranium. The popular geranium is perfect to complement the surrounding area of your swimming pool and the one that requires the least attention due to its infamous resilience.
  3. Bird of Paradise. You might have seen it in bouquets of flowers but this exotic flower comes from an especially sturdy plant that can transform the surrounding area of your swimming pool to a tropical paradise.

Would you like more ideas? Call us on 210 61 48 400 and let us help you design your personal paradise …it’s good for you! 

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