Swim with the Dolphins, not with the Sharks!

Little girl in swimming poolThe pool is synonymous of fun and pleasure!  Especially in summer, it is our cool refuge from high temperatures, but also the place where we relax or play with our children and friends.

But what happens when a pool is not properly maintained?  What dangers lurk in every pool’s water?

PISCINES IDEALESFirstly, the most important advice is not to get into a pool when it is more than obvious that it is not clear!  Before you dive, observe the water, if it is clean and clear. If it is green, cloudy or there is an intense sign of dirt in the pool, go for a lounger and let the bacteria and fungi to have a party on their own 🙂

Moreover, as you may have noticed in public pools, bathers are advised by signs to take a shower before entering the pool, for understandable reasons.

It is also important not to swallow water and not το open your eyes in the pool, because in this way you open the “door” to unwanted germs!

ΔΕΛΦΙΝΙΑ-ΚΑΡΧΑΡΙΑΣScientists from the GSF (German National Research Center for Environment and Health), as well as dozens of other named studies, have repeatedly shown that poor quality swimming pool chemicals increase the risk of allergic rhinitis by 65%, cause skin irritation, stinging eyes and deteriorate the condition of people with asthma, bronchitis or other common diseases.  They also make the hair dull, dry and adversely affect their strength.

deutsche journalisten dienste Bild: 50666If this is about your pool, it is up to you to have healthy water every day, which you will enjoy it without any fear, simply by selecting the products guaranteed by Ideales.

The most widespread and highly effective disinfectant pool cleanser is chlorine that manages to eliminate at 99,9% all pathogens, bacteria, coliform bacteria, viruses, etc., that may be contained in the pool water.

‘›“Ÿš¤ŸŸIdeales, with respect to your health, has by far the safest and highest quality disinfectants in the global market, in very competitive prices, with the well-known series of pool disinfection chemicals, Easy Pool Care® …for dives into healthy water, but also the new even more affordable series of chemicals, Shiny Clean Pool®, for quality at an unbeatable price.

It is extremely important the fact that both those chemical series of ours are tested and certified by the Greek National Organization for Medicines (EOF), something that confirms the quality of our chemical products and ensures your own health.

With the exclusive series of Ideales pool disinfectants, you:

  • Protect your health, as well as the health of your friends!!
  • Enjoy crystal clear water without stinging eyes, “hard” hair or discolored swimsuit.
  • Save money, as they are effective in small dosages.
  • SHINY CLEAN POOLAvoid the strong smell of chemicals.
  • Significantly reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Use certified products (there is a fine of 40.000 € for professionals who use unauthorized products).

Our most economical series Shiny Clean Pool® fully covers the need of private and professional pool owners for cheaper chemicals, without compromising on quality, which distinguishes it from the respective competitive market chemicals.

SEA CLEAR BY PISCINES IDEALESAlternatively, we recommend you the Sea Clear® system, which is an innovative disinfection method based on salt electrolysis. It is the method that tends to become standard on all pools (98% of the pools in Australia use salt electrolysis).  The Sea Clear® system guarantees crystal clear water for pools up to 120m3, free from bacteria, fungi, etc. Furthermore:

  • Water does not smell or irritate your skin or eyes
  • Pool’s maintenance is easier and faster
  • The feeling of water is much more pleasant to the body
  • An even and safe disinfectant production is achieved
  • You ensure an eco-friendly method of disinfection

GRECOTEL DAPHNILA BAYOur unique and unrivaled experience in the pool area, guarantees crystal clear and safe waters for innumerable dives and games!

Call us at +30 210 6148400 and consult us on disinfection matters and cleaning methods of your own pool.

Enjoy your pool fearlessly …it’s good for you!

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