Pool Safety Rules for Trouble-free Dives

DES (13)Swimming pool is synonymous with fun, joy, health, exercise and coolness!

The following help us to organize an essential safety system in our pool, which ensures that our loved ones, our pets, our Customers etc., will not be at any risk:

Swimming Pool Security Fence

If we want to be trouble-free, the first and most important step is the insulation of the pool. This can be accomplished with Ideales D-Fence®, a beautiful Swimming Pool Security Fence, which exceeds the strictest European standards.

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Security Swimming Pool Cover 

INFINITY (2)Alternatively, if we want to completely insulate the pool while saving money, there is nothing more secure and functional than the Advanced Security Swimming Pool Covers Ideales Covers® Infinity.  Apart from the safety they offer, Infinity keep our pool clean and the water warmer, they protect from weather conditions, they reduce water losses to 95% and chemical consumption by at least 50%, they reduce heating costs up to 80% and many more.

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It is very important that there is at least one member of the family or the hotel staff that has basic first aid knowledge.  Moreover, we should have direct access to a first aid kit, as well as the emergency phone numbers.

Rescue Equipment

It is essential that we purchase rescue equipment, such as a lifebuoy and a long pole or a rope.



Manoir 04Anti-slip Materials

We use anti-slip surfaces for the surrounding pool area, in order to protect ourselves from possible slipping.  In case that the pool has a built-in ladder, the steps should definitely be lined with an anti-slip material.

Tidy Place

We keep the surrounding pool area tidy, storing inflatables and toys in a chest with lock, in order to prevent injuries or tempting children to use them without adult supervision.

Chemical Storage

We keep the pool disinfectants locked away from children and animals, as most pool disinfection products are extremely dangerous.

D-FENCE (3)Rules of proper behavior

We set behavioral rules for the pool and we make sure that the entire family or our Customers know them and follow them to the point.  For example:

  • No swimming on a full stomach.
  • We do not run and we do not throw away objects.
  • We never leave the fence door open.
  • Children do not swim without supervision by a responsible adult.
  • We always collect and store the objects lying in the surrounding area or near the fence of the pool, when the pool is not in use.

2Have you followed the steps?  Now, relax and let yourself in the coolness of your pool. Nothing can spoil now your tranquility.

Dive trouble-free into your water world, because …it’s good for you!

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