LED Swimming Pool Lighting for Economy

LED BY PISCINES IDEALESCan a color relax or reduce our blood pressure? Even more curiously …can a color reduce our expenses? Indeed, colors can do all that and much more.

CHAKRASFor hundreds of years, Chromatherapy has been used in order to treat health problems-physical and mental- both in the Western and the Eastern world. In India, colors and their therapeutic properties are directly related to the chakras that are the energy points of our body. The chakras are 7 and they extend along the spine. Each is related to one of our attributes and corresponds to a certain color. In the western world, the influence of colors has been studied in terms of their influence on our body and researchers found, among other things, that the color blue lowers blood pressure, red speeds it up the and that yellow reduces muscle pain.

4 COLOURS LEDSome scientists are quick to cancel the benefits of Chromatherapy based on the fact that, there is not enough hard evidence to support it.
At Ideales we deeply believe in the benefits of Chromatherapy simply because we have experienced them with the help of the advanced, colored swimming pool lighting L.ights E.motions D.ives.

The swimming pool lighting L.ights E.motions D.ives can -with the push of a button- highlight and change the color of your pool and automatically alter our mood. Imagine a refreshing evening dive in crystal clear waters or a relaxing drink by a deep blue background. Think of a party with dozens of variations of colors and a view from the window with playful color alterations. No scientist can dismiss the peaceful feeling of a unique atmosphere waiting for you at home, and yes, colors play a large role in its creation. Especially when we talk about colors that, along with our mood affect …our pocket!

COLOR THERAPYThe swimming pool lighting L.ights E.motions D.ives can change our mood in life and in our wallet because they have minimal power consumption, only 14W-18W, compared to the outdated technology lamps that reach 300W.
They are quickly and easily installed to your existing facility and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours compared to common lamps that last for only 1,000 hours.

Read about the LED swimming pool lighting at our website or call 210 61 48 400.

Scientists may require more evidence but we don’t. The truth is obvious, choose colors …it’s good for you!

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