Automatic Swimming Pool Robot Cleaners They Clean For You!

TIGERSHARK BRUSH SIDE 002When the weather calls for relaxation by the pool the last thing you want to bother is its cleaning. And you don’t need to!  The pool cleaning robots are here to take care of it…

The cleaning of the pool is a boring, time-consuming but necessary process for your enjoyment. The pool robot cleaners come to take over this time consuming process, so that you can relax without worries. Let’s get to know them J

Pool Boy®
TIGERSHARK BRUSH SIDE 002The beloved Pool Boy® at your service!
This is the smallest model, ideal for small private or professional pools.
Thanks to its powerful and efficient motor, it cleans and brushes the pool bottom and walls, whilst effectively filtering and purifying the water through its own independent easy-to-clean filters. Simply drop your new friend into the pool and it will take care of the rest.

SHARKVACThe speedy Sharkvac® will surprise you!
Its high cleaning speed is ideal for pools up to 80 m². It cleans and brushes the bottom of the pool while at the same time filters and cleans the water of the swimming pool with its own independent filters. Thanks to the QuickClean technology your swimming pool will be clean in less than 2 hours, saving you energy and precious time while it cleans for you.

Navigator Pro®
BL K021FG 8.11.09The Navigator Pro® cleaning robot is one of the most efficient pool cleaning robots!
It operates only with water pressure (suction robots), without the need of electricity.
The hydrodynamic design helps to achieve a very fast cleaning of the bottom of the pool, offering you a beautiful pool with healthy water. Its biggest advantage is the advanced SmartDrive® system that achieves a complete coverage of the pool. It is suitable for all types of swimming pools up to 6x12m, while the included accessories (vacuum pressure gauge, leaf canister, etc) make the pool maintenance even easier.

MAKOSHARKThe professional robot Makoshark is ready to do the hard job!
Makoshark  is the big brother of Pool Boy®, ideal for pools up to 200m². It effectively cleans bottom and walls, since it feeds on anything that might pollute your pool. Put it in the water and relax while that works to maintain your pool crystal clear and enjoyable.

Kingshark 2
KING SHARK IIThe extremely powerful Kingshark 2 is a shark for your pool!
Ideal for pools up to 1.250 m², it is designed for heavy everyday professional use in large swimming pools and public pools and it saves you valuable time and energy by putting an end to your sweeping hassle. Just drop it in the water and let it fed on the rubbish in your pool.

Would you like a robot that will do all the work on your behalf, so that you can enjoy your pool?
Call us now on 210 61 48 400 and find out how you can get your own robot …it’s good for you!

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