5 Waterproof Items for your Swimming Pool and Spa

PLEASURE WITHOUT LIMITSOur swimming pools and spas are enjoyable on their own but they can become even better if we have the right waterproof accessories!

FLOATING BAR#1 A Floating Swimming Pool Bar
The Floating Bar inflates within seconds and can float around your swimming pool or spa, carrying everything your heart desires, from your favorite drinks and beverages to dips, fruit and delicacies of your choice. Just fill it with everything you like and relax without ever having to get out of the water, unless you need a refill.

SWIMMING POOL REMOTE OPERATION#2 Waterproof Swimming Pool Remote Operation
When everything can be done by the flick of a button, why interrupt your relaxation? The Pool Commander helps you control the operation and the lighting of your swimming pool (+ two more other circuits of your choice like your garage door or garden lights) without having to get out of the water.

#3 Waterproof Speakers
In order to enjoy your relaxation with music you just have to invest in a couple of waterproof speakers. There are many otions to choose from and even waterproof devices so you can swim in rhythm!

#4 Waterproof iPhone Case
The classic story “I fell in the pool with my phone in my pocket”. Protect your phone while relaxing by or in the swimming pool or spa with a waterproof case. For absolute safety, look for a waterproof case and not a water-resistant one.

WATERPROOF DECK OF CARDS#5  Waterproof Deck of Cards
A hand of cards seems ideal for a relaxing afternoon but what if you just don’t want to get out of the water? Just get the 100% waterproof Swimming Pool and Spa Cards that float so you can enjoy countless hours of fun and games in the water!

Read more about how you can offer yourself endless joy by acquiring the must have waterproof accessories plus much more …it’s good for you! 

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