5 Reasons Why you Should Invest in a Pool Cover

ABSOLUTE SAFETYPool covers protect the water from debris and dirt, but that is not the only reason why you should install a pool cover for your swimming pool. Time to find out about the other, much more important, reasons why you should invest in a swimming pool cover. Here we go.

When your swimming pool remains exposed then the water evaporates faster and needs to be topped up, it needs more chemicals and loses valuable heat. A swimming pool cover like Ideales Covers® Infinity does not allow the water to evaporate, it protects it from debris and maintains the its heat as much as possible therefore allowing you to reduce the overall costs of your swimming pool to a minimum.

Do you have young children? Unruly pets or noisy teenagers at your home? Then you must constantly keep an eye so as to protect your loved ones from harm and accidents. But not with a safety cover. There are especially designed safety covers, like Ideales Covers® Bieri that meet very strict rules, therefore providing you and your family with the upmost protection.

ISOTHERMAL COVERProlonging Pleasure
With a swimming pool cover you can prolong the use of your pool and of course your pleasure. With the special isothermal cover Ideales Covers® Isothermal you can reduce the loss of heat during the night when temperatures drop and also during the winter months. In fact, if you have a heated swimming pool, then a Ideales Covers® Isothermal is a must since it can reduce its heating costs by at least 50%!

Minimizing Time & Cost
Who wants to clean leaves, dirt and other debris from their swimming pool for hours? A swimming pool cover minimizes the time it takes to clean your pool and at the same time reduces the use of cleaning products.

Environmental Protection
The evaporation of the water, the increased use of chemicals, the loss of heat and the pollution harm the environment as well as your pocket. The water that evaporates needs to be topped up, the re-heating of the swimming pool requires more energy and the chemicals needed are much more. So, a swimming pool cover, since it protects your swimming pool from all the former, protects your pocket and most importantly the environment.

A pool cover can release you from worries and unnecessary expenses and prolong your pleasure so …it’s good for you! 

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