Feb 10

Another Distinction for Ideales’ Green Practices

2018 as well continues very dynamically for Ideales Group, as it brings a new honorary distinction.  Ideales was once again awarded for its eco-orientation and green practices in products and services, this time with the distinction “Eco Friendly Franchise”, which highlights Franchise’s best environmental management practices within the framework of the Franchise Awards 2018 institution.  It is the 4th time Ideales is distinguished in the Franchise Awards, having already been distinguished twice as Best Franchise WorkPlace and once as Best Franchise Leader. Read More »

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Feb 01

Digital Dementia Knocks On Our Door

So far we have been aware of senile dementia, where the patient belongs to the category of the elderly and suffers from mental health problems, such as short term memory dysfunction, disability to concentrate, etc.  In recent years, however, another type of dementia strikes on young people who overuse modern and “smart” devices, the so-called digital dementia. Read More »

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Jan 10

It’s Time to Change Habit

From January 1st, 2018, our habit as consumers to overload with disposable plastic bags for our shopping, will cost us a few cents of the euro.  This is because the time has come for Greece to be in harmony with a European Directive that is already successfully applied in other european countries and aims to drastically reduce the use of the plastic bag, for the benefit of the environment and all the living organisms of our planet. Read More »

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